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Nature Spirits

6 7 devaS spirits of growth Since food was first gathered from the forests, and later when the first crops were sown, the spirits of plants have been thanked and befriended by individuals keen to learn to tell foods from poisons, and discover the powers of magical and medicinal herbs, and the secrets of sowing and reaping ensuring the survival of the tribe from one year to the next. Knowledge of these spirits of flowers, and all green things, spans the centuries and the continents. They are traditionally seen as glowing beings of any size which move in and out of one another and the plants which they attend. In Hindu tradition these glowing nature spirits are called Devas. In the last century, the theosophist Geoffrey Hodson and the visionary Rudolph Steiner described in more detail how these beings are the spirits of plants, and their caretakers, sending them life force, and inducing their growth and fruition. More recently, the Findhorn foundation and others have perfected techniques of working with them to produce gardens and crops of particular fecundity and abundance. Devas are traditionally friends of shamans and druids, working with them to produce greater effectiveness in their herbal medicines or assisting in potions of their energetic patterns, known today as vibrational essences. Devas hold the vision of whatever they are attached to, in its most perfect form, a belief first described by Plato. Thus a bluebell deva holds the idea of a bluebell, which first emanated from the Source before it manifested in physical reality. As hive beings living in close connection with the goddess of nature herself, devas tend fields and gardens, forests and plains with equal care, enriching the green world with the breath of spirit, and infusing Earths bounty with animation and life force.
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