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Nature Spirits

2 3 The Web of Wyrd weaving the worlds The spiritual calling amongst humans is almost universal, as is the belief that everyone has access to a wellspring of spiritual energies. Traditionally, spiritual awareness often comes in a sudden flash, suffusing the world with meaning and beauty. Buddhists describe this as enlightenment sensing the infinite connection of all things, a transcendence from the mundane egocentred consciousness into something far larger. This was called the Web of Wyrd, by the AngloSaxons, wyrd meaning the force which binds all exisitence. They believed, like the ancient Norse, that the universe is constantly woven by three powerful goddesses, a maiden, mother and crone. Collectively called the Norns, and similar to the three Fates of the Greeks, they demonstrate that everything is connected, and all existence is one. Just as some people seek this experience more than others, so do certain spirits, and this has a profound effect upon them. Their innate connection to Source causes powerful ripples of positive loving energy to emmanate into the world. This in turn increases their development and evolution, as well as transforming ours and anything else they contact. Such evolved consciousnesses can become gods and goddesses. Yet, like everything else, they remain both part of the whole, and Source itself.
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