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Nature Spirits

4 This book is dedicated to the Earth Goddess and Her Lover may they bless us all, and help us remember their ways once again. Many thanks to John M, all our friends., and to the spirits for all their support. CONTENTS Introduction 1 The Web of Wyrd 2 Sacred Exchange 4 Devas 6 Powers of Place 8 Faeries 10 Families and familiars 12 Guardians and Guides 14 Spirit Doors. 16 Copper and Cold Iron 18 Seer Sight 20 Earth Spirits 22 Earth Healing 24 Earth Magic 26 Faery Flowers and Magical Woods 28 Tree Spirits 30 Sylphs Air Spirits 32 The Four Winds 34 Raising and Calming the Winds 36 Birds and Bird Spirits 38 Wild Fire 40 Kind Fire 42 Divine Fire 44 Water Spirits 46 Befriending the Nymphs 48 Mananan mac Lir 50 The God of the Greenwood 52 The Great Goddess 54 A Magical Miscellany 56
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