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Trees (Native British)

48 49 Sallow is the colloquial name given to the smaller of the willow species Sally trees. The Goat and Grey willows are the most common. Typically with round crown shapes with either a short bole or as a spreading bush with rounded leaves, they are more abundant in forests, scrub and hedgerows than any other willow. Important pioneer trees in forestry, they quickly colonise waste ground and provide excellent grazing for many animals. One of the shortest lived of our trees it is unusual to find one over 60 years old, although coppice stools can last much longer and pollards longer still. The commonly known Pussy Willow provides bees with their first feast in springtime, when the male flowers resemble a yellow bouquet. The soft, light wood was once made into clothes pegs, rake teeth and hatchet handles. The firewood burns very fast when dry. SAllOw Salix capreacinera
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