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Trees (Native British)

40 41 Many of our finest rivers are held on course by the round leaved Alders. Fast growing in wet soils, they can soon transform new earthworks and their ability to set seed when young ensures they are widespread. It was once considered unlucky to cut Alder as the sap colours red. None the less it has long been used by woodturners and was favoured by clogmakers as it carves so easily. When coppiced it regrows vigourously as long as the freshly cut stools are protected from grazing stock. Underwater, Alder will last indefinitely making it useful for piling for bridges and jetties. The even grain of the wood ensures it charcoals totally making superior gunpowder, adding 50 yards range to ships cannon. When well seasoned it is a useful firewood and the bark was used to make a cheap black dye. AlDER Alnus glutinosa
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