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Trees (Native British)

38 39 A mediumlarge conical to broad crowned tree usually with a well developed trunk and shiny reddishbrown bark showered in white flowers in April. Found in woodlands all over, though perhaps giving way to the Bird Cherry P. padus in the north, Wild Cherry grows surprisingly rapidly and straight, yielding superb hard tight grained pinkishbrown timber European mahogany, ideally suited to cabinet making and used in smoking pipes and musical instruments. The burrs and big knots are sought after for turnery, making beautiful, longlasting, richly coloured items. Its fruits tend to be bitter but none the less are edible, and often cultivated cherries are grafted on to this rootstock. Although not coppiced in the true sense its abundant suckering ensures it regenerates freely. An excellent sweetsmelling firewood. CHERRy Prunus avium
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