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Trees (Native British)

36 37 The Crab Apple is a small tree in the wild reaching a height of about 30. It has a broad crown and greyish brown bark that peels off in thin scales. Crab blossom is pinkish and appears in late May developing into small yellowishred, hard and bitter fruits which can be made into jelly, jam and wine. The Crab is the original Apple and still continues as a frost resistant dwarfing rootstock for grafting the garden varieties. Readily growing in hedgerows it tolerates hard pruning. A distant relative of the Rose, it actually has thorns, as does the Wild Pear see opposite page 1. Crab Apple and Wild Pear share many timber characteristics. The woods are hard and fine grained with many uses, including high quality turnery, wood engraving, musical instruments and naturally occurring sculptors mallets. They both produce excellent scented firewood. CRAB ApplE Malus sylvestris
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