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Trees (Native British)

32 33 Hawthorn is one of the most common British trees. A quickgrowing hedge plant, yet growing slowly into a tree, its tangled crown makes a favourite habitat for many nesting birds, its sharp thorns offering excellent protection. In the right location it can be very long lived indeed. Flowering in May causes it to be known as May or White thorn and it is considered unlucky to bring the flowers into the house. A short dead prickly branch makes a deadly deterrent for moles when inserted in their tunnels. The red fruits or haws ripen in September and are a most important bird food as well as being used for jellies and wines. Hawthorn wood is tough and hard and is used in fine work, veneers, small tool handles and wood engraving. It makes excellent firewood and charcoal. HAwTHORN Crataegus monogyna
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