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Trees (Native British)

20 21 There are two main species that can be classed as one. Most liked by those who look at it, the white bark and striking foliage, pale green in spring and yellow in autumn, have inspired many landscape painters. A primary coloniser, it can grow on the poorest of soils and spread like wildfire. Although still considered a weed by many foresters the Birch is now enjoying favour from conservationists as it establishes itself so easily and supports a highly diverse fauna. The witchesbroom plantgall is caused by fungus and often inhabits more mature birch trees. Birch timber was used when no other was available although it is as tough as Ash and suitable for turnery and utensils. Besom brooms and brushwood horse jumps ensure it is still coppiced aplenty. Older trees do not tolerate hard pruning. Birch sap tapped in early April is used to make a unique tasting wine. When burnt the logs form a quick bright fire. BIRCH Betula pubescens verucosa
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