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Trees (Native British)

18 19 mAplE Acer campestre The Field Maple is a roundheaded tree with a sinuous pale grey trunk the ends of its branches droop down then turn up and the stalk of the delicate lobed leaf exudes a milky substance when broken off. Occurring in woodlands and hedgerows particularly on warmer soils it tolerates cutting hard and is often found as hedging. Traditionally widely coppiced, although also grown as a standard tree, Maple wood is fine grained and brown and much loved by wood turners as it can be worked very thinly. It is also made into veneers with BirdsEye Maple being cut from burred logs. Maple has long been the favoured wood for harps. Good firewood was often produced by pollarding and maple syrup can be extracted in the spring. Maples add a fantastic orange glow to the treescape in autumn.
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