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Trees (Native British)

16 17 Two species of Lime, the smallleaved cordata and the large leaved platyphyllos, are native to Britain. The smallleaved Lime used to be wider spread than it is today. More common now is their hybrid which can occur naturally but is more usually from imported Dutch stock. Once the major component of the wild wood Limes are amongst the longest living and tallest around 130 feet of our native trees. Heavily scented flowers open in late June and are loved by bees who often become drunk on their nectar. They are also host to the Lime aphid that produces the sticky honeydew so hated by motorists. Tolerant of hard pruning, Lime was once widely coppiced and is now often subjected to severe lopping as a management technique when used as a street tree. Lime wood being soft and evengrained is ideal for carving and, as it doesnt warp, is still used for the sounding boards in pianos. It forms a bright fire and charcoals well. lImE Tilia cordata platyphyllos
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