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Trees (Native British)

10 11 Much planted and widespread. Solo trees develop huge canopies with dense shade beneath. Classic Beech woodland is clean underfoot as the trees are so effective at collecting the sunlight. Top quality leaf mould is formed on the wood floor. Shallow rooted, the major Beech trees are in decline with lowering water tables causing premature dieback of the biggest, and storm winds claiming many others. The bright green spring leaves are good to eat but not so the later dark green leaves. Beech timber is close grained, hard and strong. It is very heavy when felled. A classic furniture wood with a tendency to move it is usually used in smaller components chairlegs, steambent backs etc. An excellent flooring material rich in colour and hard wearing. Young Beech will burn green but well seasoned it produces a lovely bright fire. BEECH Fagus sylvatica
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