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Trees (Native British)

8 9 Elms are large, shady classically shaped trees. They essentially fall into two lowland species often naturally hybridised and until the mid 1970s they were one of the most abundant trees of the British countryside. The Dutch Elm plague has now removed all the major trees bar a few hidden in the sheltered valleys of Wales and Scotland. Regeneration from the profuse sucker growth may yet prove the key to its survival this once major player came back from near extinction 5000 years ago. Its large bole yields superb timber. It is highly prized for although sawn easily it resists splitting and so became favoured for wheel hubs, chair bottoms, coffin boards and such like. Underwater, elm lasts indefinitely and used to be used for boat bottoms, pipes and piles. Elm charcoal made from seasoned wood has many medicinal properties. The inner bark of the freshfelled tree can be prepared as food and is useful for stomach upsets. A poor firewood until completely dry. Elm Ulmus glabra procera
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