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Trees (Native British)

6 7 The Oak is our most common broadleaved tree and has been the most dominant timber tree since earliest times. The two British species are closely related and can hybridise. The flowers appear in early May, followed by the leaves. The familiar acorns occur in autumn with great numbers being produced every six or seven years after a suitable preceding spring. The tree often has a second flush of leaves known as Llamas growth which helps it to recover from the almost totally defoliating attacks of caterpillars in some years. The Oak supports the widest variety of insect and other invertebrate life including fungi of any species in the British Isles. The timber is widely used in building, fencing, joinery and boatbuilding and is extremely durable. Its bark peeled in spring is used for tanning high quality leather. A slow burning firewood it produces the best charcoal for swordsmithing. OAk Quercus robur petrea
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