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Mind Tricks

56 57 Quantum trickery developing a new kind of mind It is roughly one hundred years since relativity and quantum mechanics were first proposed to a skeptical scientific community, and yet very few people walking around today have any idea that the world they see is made of virtual particles, behaving in utterly strange and magical ways, or that time itself changes depending on how fast you are travelling. These quantum laws are known to apply from the microscopic to the cosmological scale, so they apply to you and me In the beginning could well be a misperception maybe time goes backwards and forwards from now. Realising the consciousness of every single particle and the entire cosmos, the new wizards will be those who can think equations alive, manipulating matter, space and time through pure thought. Over 300 years ago Natural Philosophy split into science the physically observable universe and philosophy the metaphysical. It is time to heal that rift and consider consciousness, mind and matter as parts of a whole that can only be understood as one. Whether you want to read minds, see auras or become an instant method actor, the tools are in this bookand they work. If not, ask how come I cannot do this, yet others can and use some of the other tricks to address the answers The tricks have been used for eons, they are here modernised and scientific, predictable, repeatable and observable in the minds eye. As the ancients knew well, All is Mind, for the world is illusion, and seeing through the Emperors new clothes leads to joys and worlds beyond the wildest dreams. Enjoy the now it is all there is. Above The hills are alive. Every rock, plant, animal and cloud has a unique animating spirit, its soul. Open your eyes, ears, mind and subtle senses to walk in another world, parallel to normal human reality. Above Bilocation. Concentrate the frequency of your wavepacket, spreading it in space, lowering the frequency where an astral projection is desired. Above Applying bilocation to telekinesis. A version of yourself is projected and invisibly picks up a teacup. Alternatively employ a poltergeist much easier
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