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Mind Tricks

54 55 earth maGic tricks that make things happen In Japan, the spirits in living nature are called kami, while the Native American Algonquian people know them as Manitou. Traditional earth magic relies on working with spirits and subtle telluric currents to create changes in the worlds everyday causal matrix. Hawaiian Kahuna sorcerers claim to be able to do anything from healing, cursing, or blessing, to playing with elementals powers of earth, air, wind and water. The Kahuna use a spirit called an avaiku to, for example, bring fish to bait. There are many ways to call for a storm or a rainbow. You may want to wield the energy yourself, or instead engage the air spirits and ask them to stir things up. Another way might be to address the world within your mind and look for an external parallel, or plug into the earths neural network of ley lines and send a request. Learning to sense subtle energies like ley lines is much easier than you might think. Start by discovering the aura of energy around a person, by bouncing your hands off it. Or take up dowsing and experience for yourself the strange feeling you get on discovering the path of a buried water pipe. Or use two hands to find out how to balance chakras seven energy centres running up the body for a friend. Experiment with making magical objects like wands, or staffs, using wood and crystals. Which ones sing for you Earth magic can boost your love life too. Tune in to the relevant zones of your and your partners bodies and visualise and feel potent energies cycling and building between you. Or warm them up on a cold night by tuning in to their solar plexus and turning its volume up. Remember the earth is alive and you are part of it. Above Drew chooses a good place for a temple, with the right geometry of hills and water, Sun, Moon. Above Drew goes on a pilgrimage to the natural spring source of his local river. Above Drews first successful attempt at befriending Aeolus, the ruler of the winds. Above Drew studies the motions of the heavenly bodies, their influence on Earth, and how to build in tune.
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