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Mind Tricks

52 53 the shamans cLOak tricks to access other worlds Tradition has it that on All Hallows Eve, the old Celtic New Year, the veils thin and the spirits of the ancestors bring messages to the living. Many tribal cultures imagine the earth as a playground of incarnate beings, watched over and served by hosts of metaphysical beings. To visit the underworld, like Odysseus visiting Hades, first ask for an appropriate guide by thinking, asking aloud, or, like some shamans, employing animal spirits, plants or minerals. Summon an archetypal figure, like Gabriel, Wotan, Triton, or Merlin by calling their name. Make a portal between worlds using your divine pet cat or the world tree in your garden. Or choose a plant or animal, picture it, start to move and makes noises like it. Become it, look out through its eyes, and ask what it knows. Use your childlike imagination to open your eyes and ears to this new world, and watch what happens. Shamanism works by collapsing the veils between the worlds, and by allowing things in one world to stand for things in another see also page 8 . A shaken rattle becomes the sound of rain, encouraging the same, and magical objects act as powerful anchors in the shamans psyche. A column of light and dark built by a shaman can help earthbound spirits to pass on, clearing spooky houses. Plants and animals are part of the conscious continuum, just like humans. Talk to your plants and they will respond. Love life around you and it will glow with happiness. We too are loved and supported by unseen forces. Perhaps airplanes fly because angels uphold the laws of physics and mathematics
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