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Mind Tricks

50 51 Defence aGainst Dark arts dealing with projection and manipulation Across the world, in almost every culture and age, there are stories of fairies, elves, djinn, dmons and other entities who lend their powers to mankind for the weaving of magical spells and incantations, for good and ill purposes. True or not, many people sometimes experience what they can only describe as dark forces in their lives, and a few tricks up your sleeve can be very useful. In Japan, a business card will be held, regarded and retained a few times. Only if the energy feels right does business proceed. This is a form of psychic defence, for some slippery characters may give you a gift just to create a way into your life. To cleanse an object, place a crystal on it, wash it or leave it in a stream for a day, hold and send love to it, bury it for a few days, run a counterprojection spell page 17, or just throw it away. If you feel drained by a person, ask yourself about their behavior and how they use their words. If they use you a lot they might be projecting their own issues onto you, and resisting projections can burn a lot of energy. Use the mind tricks shown opposite to defend yourself against shady characters who exploit your weak spots, crawl uninvited into your personal space, or leech off your energy. A good trick for disentangling yourself from someone is to imagine a bluegold bubble or ribbon around the two of you, and then pinch or twist it until it divides into two separate spaces below. Above The Lightning Rod. Conduct negative projections, dark thoughts, headaches, etc into the earth. Above Bottling the Genie. Place a bubble of love around the evildoer, only allowing good vibes through. Above The Golden sometimes Silver Bubble. Protect yourself from harm inside a sphere of love. Above Balance. The gremlin is an aspect of yourself. Be lighthearted and use their own heaviness against them. Above Advertising uses the dark arts by attaching commercial objects to your triggered emotions. Stay alert
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