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Mind Tricks

48 49 seLfDefence tricks or how to deal with bullies No one likes being bullied. And being shown up in front of your friends isnt nice either. Socrates would take an opening statement that was true on the surface and then, through an irrefutable chain of logic, lead his victim to agree that they were wrong the Socratic Method. The Athenians poisoned him with hemlock Bullies are frightened of bigger bullies, and evil likes to present a polished appearance. Bullying is based upon secrecy and lies, hoping the victim will not tell. So begin by telling those authority figures the bully is most afraid of not always obvious. The bullys fears engage and their behavior desists. Or invite them to play. Manipulation is slightly different. If someone is trying to put one over on you, they will probably fish for an initial yes from you with an opening gambit like Let me put to you, I invite you to, I put to you, that, Would you accept that, Trust me, Maybe you caused, With respect, Are you with me, Thanks for agreeing to listen, Would you give me the power to, As a friend. Early signs of manipulation include feeling confused, wrong, shame, or fault. Defend by politely declining, or return the compliment, I invite you to leave me alone. The bullying game often has a pattern below. An easy intervention is to decline the rescue, robbing the bully of the payoff. VICTIM take offence angry sorry PERSECUTOR RESCUER Above Hierarchy vs Heterarchy. Defend against pyramidal power structures by forming tribal circles. Above Manipulation vs Cooperation. Defend against grim string pullers by working as a team. Above Dictatorship vs Democracy. Defend against an evil dictator by mobilising the people in passive resistance. Above DivideandRule vs FreedomnLove. Defend against compartmentalization by playing together.
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