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Mind Tricks

46 47 minD OVer enZyme tricks which change everything about you Early protoreligions, Egyptian, Oceanic, Native American and, later, Celtic were animistic, worshipping and celebrating the spiritual powers of animals. They honored the diversity of life on Earth, working with it, rather than against it. Allergies are on the increase throughout the modern world and largely result from the bodymind opposing nature in some form, whether the pollen of flowers, beestings, or seeds wheat or nuts. Many of the tricks already presented in this book can alleviate or eliminate such allergies. For instance, strange though it may seem, why not make a deal with the Great Spirit of the mosquitos opposite, subtly changing your body chemistry, much like changing diet by ceasing eating dairy, meat, wheat, or sweets. Reducing your fear of being bitten will even change your smell. Simple tricks also make a difference. Take time to love your food and utensils before preparation and eating to make peace with your dinner Check the food you buy for good vibes, and thank it before you eat it. Sleep well, wash with fewer chemicals, stretch, keep fit and eat well to keep a healthy body chemistry below. Its all common sense. Or try fastingafter the body has had no food for five days it begins to devour fat, release toxins and weaken cancers. Enzymes in your body turn your genes on or off. Imagine being able to do this consciously. Ultimately, the body is the mind. Above Zoe cant eat wheat. She asks her body why it reacts and remembers being overfed bread as a child. She releases her early body memory using a trick in this book e.g., page 11, and tucks into a yummy sandwich. Oh Great Spirit of the Mosquitos. Please hear my humble prayer to your noble species. I apologise unreservedly for my swattings, poisonings, negative attitudes, unkind words, deeds and feelings toward you and all biting insect kind. Please forgive me. I thank your messengers for visiting me and sacrificing themselves so that I might come to my senses and learn the error of my human ways. I now promise harmlessness towards all insect kind and request that we be at peace henceforth. By accepting without resistance my skin will no longer react.
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