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Mind Tricks

44 45 insiDeOut tricks turning the world back to front In Exodus, it is said that the sins of the fathers shall be punished to the third and fourth generations. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, is the old way. Indeed, many people blame their parents, schooling, or upbringing for some of the problems that they later face in life. Powerful tricks can help with this mind set. Some Eastern traditions highlight truth and blame and encourage seeing the world inverted from conventional reality. The wise Sufi fool Mulla Nasruddin perceives the world inside out, back to front and upside down. Prey attracts its predator. Instead of being born in sin everyone can be considered perfect as they are. There are no acts of hate, only acts of love. Turning the world on its head can bring new perspectives. In the normal world, people unwittingly project onto others and blame them for reflecting their own imperfections, whereas in reality we can only see ourselves in others. In the example opposite, a series of truth questions explores the chain of cause and effect, blame and source, which ultimately leads to the destruction of an unhelpful world view. These questions require you to work with a friend and are most effective if the questioner asks them detached from any agenda of their own. Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do, said Jesus, breaking with the old way. Forgiveness is an excellent way to invert judgment into acceptance of the other. Imagine a stage. In turn, call onto it your parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, colleagues, bosses, customers, suppliers, teachers, celebrities, races, religions and so on. Thank each in turn. Forgive each one, ask and receive their forgiveness, and remember their unique message. Above Contessa Sofia seeks the truth of her woes. Following the path of truth and blame, by asking what had to be true in order for each stage of her journey to have become true left side, she finds that first her parents, then her grandparents, then her great grandparents and so on, had all required the next to become a certain way. Ultimately she realises her woes are an accidental consequence of the nature of the universe. She now builds a new truth tree, devoid of woes right side. PRESENT SELF influenced by What had to be true in order for you to have become like this And what had to be true for that to be true And what had to be true for someone else to have required you to become like that And what had to be true for them to become like that And what had to be true for someone else to have required them to be like that Continue until the cosmic joke is realised So, the reason you are like this is because whowhatever was like that And do they need you to be like this And do you need to be like this And does anyone else need you still to be like this So, now what can be true for you And then what can be true Repeat this a few times PARENTS influenced by influenced by influenced by GRAND PARENTS GREAT GRAND PARENTS SOCIETY CULTURE comes from LAND, ELEMENTS and MIGRATION comes from NATURE OF THE UNIVERSE
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