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Mind Tricks

42 43 rescaLinG a trick that unravels larger knots Longterm patterns, addictions, bad habits and major illnesses rarely have quick fixes but require a deeper process for healing. The purpose is to attain either complete remission or acceptance. One of the ultimate goals of Zen Buddhism 700 AD is to be at one with the world, and the purpose of rescaling is to attain this in relation to a serious problem, moving into 1to1 scale with the world, seeing things as they are. It is also the condition for awakening enlightenment, or full embodiment of spirit. This trick often works best with a friend, one of you guiding the other. The person with the problem starts scaled far out of proportion to the issue, as if seeing it through a telescope or microscope, and makes a drawing of what they see. Zooming out, they make a new drawing of the factors around the original. Progressively zooming out and making new drawings brings them to the same scale as the problem, looking out through their own eyes in a younger self that was present just before the moment that was the source of the problem. This reconnects the frozen part of the younger self back to the here and now, effecting a rapid growing up that sometimes may take a few days to integrate. Scaling can be applied to any drawings, words, gestures, movements, nonverbal sounds, and feelings that a person might have. Ask your friend simple questions like and does anything else go on there, and what could be just around that, or and what could be over there Your job is to bring their attention to spaces, actions, or words that are adjacent to, but just outside, their present focus of attention. Its easier than it sounds Above Example 1. Kate feels flat, and out of touch with herself. I am not into Kate she says. She starts by writing KATE, then doodles around. As she zooms out, she discovers that Kate is in an eye, and zooming further, that it is the eye of a dinosaur, who is then found on a plain during a meteor strike. It is the KT extinction. She remembers she was once Katie, and was watching a program about this. She is now at one with her true name and has her I back. Above Example 2. Matthew lacks trust. He begins by writing Trust and as a joke writes trussed too. Zooming out he makes a new picture with more words around, finding some opposites. He recalls a time at school learning about opposites. Zooming out he draws the school and the stream alongside it. Moving away, the stream becomes a snake, and he suddenly recalls watching Jungle Book and the scene with Mowgli and Ka shown above, releasing his mistrust.
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