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Mind Tricks

40 41 reLeasinG speLLs freeing the prisoners of the mind One of the oldest tricks for many ills known worldwide is to tie a knot while thinking of a problem, and bury it. As the knot rots so the energy in the problem is released. Other ancient releasing spells involve cutting symbolic cords, purification by fire or water, and rites of passage. Laughter too, through comedy and satire, has supplied relief that has mostly kept politicians safe from the masses for eons. Other techniques are more modern. The Fast Phobia Cure opposite top takes 1020 minutes to scramble the access of the fear. Another trick involves grabbing the focus of attention of the person with the fear middle opposite. This can resolve fears in seconds, even if more than one vectored location see page 25 has to be grabbed and moved. If someone has total belief in you, just create an expectation of healing and their fear will clear instantly. Another fast way to release stuck pains, feelings, or thoughts is to start describing them through ings. For example feeling paining legging footing ankling spreading shifting hurting ouching aargghing phewing breathing relaxing releasing going calming fading nothing. Though it may sound strange to people around you, it works by making the experience present and ongoing so that the mind has to let go and the symptoms flow away. Another releasing trick used for millennia is dramatic reenactment. Examples come from griefrelieving plays in a necropolis to dream therapy, which works by reliving a dream from the point of view of each actor. Other forms have people enact the roles of significant characters, under the direction of the central character, who then experiences the drama emerging lower, opposite. Above The Fast Phobia Cure. Antonius, terrified of snakes, watches himself nervously watching a video of his younger self being terrorised by a large serpent. Changing the colour, contrast and quality of the picture transforms fear into laughter. Above The fivesecond vectored smashandgrab phobia cure. Livia notices Caesar focusing on an imaginary scary spider, so she grabs it while hes still focused on the scary spot and removes it. Optionally she can paste something nice in its place. Above Psychodramatic release. Antonius, still terrified by snakes, directs a dramatic reenactment of the story of his terror of large serpents, no longer recoiling in horror. Members of the audience witness the events and empathise with him.
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