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Mind Tricks

38 39 minD cOntrOL cockpit and dashboard tricks If Herod had only had a little more control over his faculties he might have escaped being so entranced by Salomes dancing, and John the Baptist might have kept his head. The opposite of pure flow is absolute control. In engineering, control is what moderates flow, like taps on water pipes. For the mind, control leads to progressive release, as long as the control is directive, rather than suppressive. Modern mindcontrol tricks involve visualizations of control systems lower opposite. Imagine, visualise, feel and hear a meter with a dial, representing some function of your system. Point at the current setting, and then wobble it to experience moving the energy level. To leverage the effect, now visualise a ratchet control for your belief in the energy level meter, and use the same process to raise this. Do the same for the belief in the belief, and so on. Recurring thoughts are messages that need to be addressed. Express them positively and ask your subconscious to work on them. Another trick to address a chattering mind is to write down everything that comes into it. Cut out and group together statements with similar handwriting or themes. Find out more about these parts of your personal collective. The chattering mind just wants your attention, like a group of noisy children below. Assure them they will each have their turn and order them in line Above Many religions, traditions and philosophies have practices that encourage control of mind, body and emotion, whether visualising, praying, chanting mantras, meditating or working the body. Above Maxwell visualises and sets the body controls for various parameters of his state, making sure he is happy and stressfree. By practicing this mind trick regularly, you can even make white skin develop melatonin. Blood Pressure Stamina Bend Strength Temperature Endorphins Arousal Hunger Thirst Awake Asleep Stress Chatter Joy Pain Control Ears Eyes Nose Feelings Pulse Rate Immune Response
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