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Mind Tricks

36 37 Zest tricks increasing your energy The central doctrine of Buddhist practice is the Eightfold Path, a useful box of tricks involving right understanding, resolve, speech, conduct, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and meditation. So, by first knowing your resolve, you can then choose your perfect livelihood and other aligned ways of being. Because this minimises resistance, it also minimises down time, and limitless enthusiasm and energy emerge. The path can also serve as a powerful business tool. Try it Deep within us all is an indomitable rock of inner strength that, once accessed, bestows invulnerability. To find this secret space, seek deep within the solar plexussacral area, named the hara by the ancient Japanese. A related trick is to recall a time when you felt unbeatable, winning a game, or knowing something with such total confidence that nothing could touch you. Putting any dependence on something external, for instance, a performanceenhancing drug, associates lifeforce out of the body, reducing overall zest. Like body, like mind. A simple trick is to get the body going early in the day, generating momentum and energy for a good days thinking. Go for a morning jog, or try Tai Chi, practiced for thousands of years by the Chinese, which teaches the art of flowing with the bodys movements, and where, for example, a raising arm lifts itself and stays up without effort. Charisma is a kind of zesty magnetism projected through the eyes and body. To boost your charisma practice loving yourself and loving those around you. Assume that everyone is acting through love, and discover the true nature of others and yourself. The more you love your neighbor the more your charisma grows. Above The Numbskulls. Get to know your inner team, and set them to work maximising your zest. Talk to them, listen to them, organise them into projects, and give them control over what they do best. Steering Group Communications Love and Healing Records Works Department Maintenance and Cleaning Support Structures Fertility and Mobility Energy Supply
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