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Mind Tricks

34 35 GOinG With the fLOW tricks that make life easier When Hercules was asked to clean the massive and filthy Augean Stables in a single day, instead of doing the job as expected, he found an easier solution, diverting two local rivers through the buildings. A few thousand years later, in Sir Isaac Newtons time, physicists discovered a related principle, The Path of Least Resistance. If something is a struggle, then try another way. Sometimes it pays to work with the symptoms, not to fight them. Flow can be developed in body, emotions, mind and spirit. For instance, from sitting, lean your head forward almost down and a pendulum effect will bring your whole body up to standing, effortlessly In the morning, roll out of bed, placing both feet on the ground simultaneously, and your momentum will spring you up. How else can you work with your body structure Emotional flow comes from allowing passion in the body. A dissociated person sees or hears the emotions of others, while associated people feel them. It is the fear of perceived pain that stops people associating. If your flow is blocked, ask your fear what its purpose is, and what that achieves. In what different ways might you achieve your goal Which way feels best Make sure you agree with all of your being and that no part of you objects. Mental flow is constrained by internal dialogue. To reduce this, ask each voice why its there, and help it to do its job differently every part of you is only trying to help. Keep on doing this until you have no more thoughts Or practice Vipassana meditation, focusing attention entirely on your breath, one of Indias most ancient mind tricks, rediscovered by Gautama Buddha over 2500 years ago. Above Spiritual flow. To align himself with his highest purpose in life Tonto goes on a vision quest. Alone in the wilderness, he fasts for days, meditates, and drinks some pokey local plant extracts before receiving a visitation from the spirit world. Finally the ancestors give him a vision of his lifes journey and his new name Smiling Bull. Above The River of Life. HuangLi is under the illusion that he controls his destiny, but the river of life actually offers just a few key decision points for him to travel down different channels for certain lengths of time before entering the sea.
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