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Mind Tricks

32 33 fLexiBiLity tricks bending in the wind For thousands of years Indian Yogis have shown that flexible bodies are good for you, but flexible minds may be better still, because it is the mind that instructs the body to hold pain or stiffness or lack of flexibility unconscious bodies are much more bendy. Equally ancient, Eastern martial arts teach muscle memory, installing patterns of movement that work without thought, a trick used by top sports players today. In Taichi the body takes over the movements entirely, allowing a volitionfree experience. Japanese Taiko drumming is likewise based upon giving up conscious control of the body, this time to the spirit of the drum. How flexible are you Try touching your toes, hang from a branch, sing from below your deepest note to above your highest, practice crawling like a baby, laugh at a joke which offended you, give up eating meat, or if you did already then eat a steak, make fun of your problems, listen carefully for all the everyday sounds you normally miss, watch the saddest film ever followed by the silliest. The original cause of a present behavior exists as a memory because long ago it interrupted the smooth flow of projectandperceive awareness. The original attractor might have been as simple as a stubbed toe lower opposite, which then attracted further reinforcing events and a compensating behavior, overlaying the original until effective compensation for all of these events developed. Go within the layers see page 11 to find the causes and patterns. The attractor is undone by returning and reconnecting bodily to the awareness prior to the original event. The present self can then expand and live without the compensation. Above Ariki, not a chip off the old block, and thoroughly bored of fixed designs in her society, decides to show off some new directions in art, seeking to encourage greater flexibility in the aesthetic perceptions of her fellow islanders. Above Trog wonders why he feels so heavyfooted. Working back in time he remembers hes often had cuts and bruises on his right foot. Going back further he remembers the first time he stubbed his toe. Releasing the memory breaks his cycle. Above Jokes worldwide enable emotional release, greater flexibility of mind, and refreshing perspectives. Above Dancing round the fire. A flexible body reflects and helps to develop a flexible mind, lighting the embers of change. I dont like my husband Leave him Eat the vegetables.
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