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Mind Tricks

30 31 sLippinG past the GuarDs and other attention spells Guards come in many guisesdragons watch over treasure, police serve a statebut many are invisible, supporting the familiar patterns of the ego, preventing selfrealization. Getting past these guards involves a multitude of tricks, some as old as time itself. The sugarcoated pill is a good example of a trick that enables the delivery of an otherwise unacceptable weapon. The Trojan Horse, or wolf in sheeps clothing, are other examples. They work because we normally judge things by their surface appearance. Pickpockets and conjurors use distractions to focus their clients attention on a specific target thus reducing their awareness elsewhere, while they ply their trade. This is why guarding is close to a meditative state when done properlya guard holds no focus, but maintains allaround sensing. Politicians use distractions, burying bad news in the middle of a period of sensational news, getting past the press. Just as hypnosis is all about managing the focus of awareness, so too are tricksters spells, so if you feel blown off course, wonder about the motives of those around you Attention, while it can be directed, also exists as a sensitive sphere around you. Most people know when they are being stared at, so learn to look to one side of people you dont want to notice you. Perseus had to use a mirrored shield to get close to superpsychic Medusa. To develop your sensitivity, have a friend hold up a dollar bill between your fingers and release it. Try and catch it. Hard, eh Now try with your eyes closed. For most people it turns out this is much easier, because the eyes deceive, and it is more accurate to rely upon your feelings, once they are trained and trusted. Above Dodger suddenly spots a beautiful bird in a high window, enabling Fingers to run off with the goods. Above Dodger yawns to project sleepiness onto Private Sharp, and waits for him to fall asleep before stealing his lunch. Above Much better. This time Dodger meekly places his attention to the side, and wins some lunch. Above When creeping up on a guard, never look at the body. Private Sharp will sense being stared at. Above Dodger navigates the attentionfield of Private Sharp to avoid the especially sensitive spots. Above Dodger controls the vibe, effectively making Fats invisible to the crowd and guard.
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