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Mind Tricks

28 29 mOVinG the GOaLpOsts tricks of the as yet unthought of Whatever you think you want, something different always emerges. Alexander the Great was famous for moving the goal posts he cut the Gordian knot to fulfil the prophecy that whoever undid it would rule the world he treated his Persian subjects equally to his Macedonians he even took his army into India, which was beyond the then known world, and he changed the rules of warfare. The trick is to think differently if you are not winning then change the rules Some governments do this whenever it suits them. Strangely, the opposite of what people want often works better for them. Desires only exist because of a lack. Eliminate the lack and that old desire should look after itself. For example, wanting better safety, schools can often add rules which actually stop children from learning how to play safely. Another trick involves defining what you want and asking yourself how you would know you had it. Often this evidence of knowing turns out to be the real object of desire and, in most instances it is also much easier to achieve. The following stepbystep trick deconstructs limiting world views and replaces them with something new. Choose a project you want to enhance. Begin by defining it in some detail, then place your scribblings somewhere and step back. Now, in stages, study your perceptions of the project so far ask yourself what knowledge is embodied in projects of this kind explore the world around the edges and discover the external factors that might have some bearing think back through the steps that have led you to where you are now pause, reflect, and reexpress your vision work out a new detailed plan of action. Try it for yourself Look at this little squirt Is this the best theyve got Blimey What a giant Need some ideas ... FAST Hmmm ... a birds eye view. How did we deal with bullies at School Okay ... Ive got to Get mobile ... take off this armor ... and keep my distance or hell squash me ... use my sling ... if I just try this LITTLE stone ... CRACK THW EP WHIZZ THOK Above David moves the goalposts and redefines the nature of the battle to defeat Goliath.
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