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Mind Tricks

24 25 Quickfix tricks a useful toolkit A stitch in time saves nine, and quick fixes have been used for thousands of years, whether mending the grass roof, or, like Caesar, rapidly adapting a battle plan to fit changing circumstances. Complaints can be annoying. Tradesmen for centuries have dealt with them by simply staying calm, quiet, with an open body stance, good eye contact, and making notes while smiling. Medieval donkey traders probably imagined complaints splatting on the barn wall behind them. Ancient Greeks offered gifts to the Gods, to placate the difficult spirit assumed to have taken over the person, enabling both parties to blame something else for the incident, a great trick for recovering a strained relationship. Quick fixes, while not addressing the deeper issues, nevertheless resolve many of lifes problems and keep things moving. Changing clothes, reorganising the layout or furnishing of a room, working in unusual places or taking some exercise all provide the context for innovative thinking and behavior. Moving to some different spaces can create fresh perspectives, allowing new insights to emerge. If you experience an unpleasant emotion, notice where you feel it in your body. Ask yourself what might be inside the emotion. And what might be inside that After several layers most people will arrive at a sense of inner peace or love. This is the default human condition, into which quick fixes can offer brief glimpses. 1 6 2 3 4 5 Above Think of a problem. Notice where your eyes focus and what you imagine at that location. Turn around full circle and notice any difference. Repeat six times. Above Vectors. Strange though it may seem, memories are related to precise directions and distances in eye focus. A sphere of precise memories surrounds every one of us. For example, if a large spider scared you as a baby and it was up and to the left of you, then it will still be there. If today you imagine a scary spider, your eyes will again flick up and to the left. So, using this, think of a problem. Notice where your eyes go, and what might be there. You can now replace it with something pleasureable a swish, use the spin left, or any number of other quick fixes. Above A squash. Two conflicting or opposing beliefs, behaviors, or desires Try this trick. Place one in each hand. In turn visualise and feel them until solid. Find their common higher purpose. Let them merge and bring your hands to your chest. Left A simple timeline trick. Identify a problem from your past. Notice where your past, present and future are, as a line on the floor. Notice the context and positive intentions of those involved. What resources might you have needed then Step on to the line at the present point 1, opposite and follow the sequence, gifting your younger self the resources at 3.
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