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Mind Tricks

22 23 nice tricks do no evil While medieval hermetics jealously guarded their sacred secret As above, so below, some must have wondered whether it extended to as within, so without. Later, Freud and Jung suggested that perceptions are largely projections, and things that make you feel angry are caused either by your denial of them within yourself or to yourself, or they trigger a past trauma or a toddler tantrum thwarted in attaining a goal. In Eastern cultures, losing emotional control is considered a loss of face. So to keep a smile whatever the provocation, accept that you have personally created the present circumstance, and whatever the other person is doing, they are serving you. Try going out of your way to do something nice or nasty for another person, and notice their response, and how you feel. In Aristotles Ethics, he recommends walking a middle way between an excess and a deficiency of the virtues for example, courage is the mean between rashness and cowardice and generosity is the mean between wastefulness and stinginess see also opposite. In the ancient Egyptian code of Maat, 42 affirmations were made at the end of a day or a life, e.g., I have not killed, I have not caused offence, or I have not polluted the water. Moses later turned these into Thou Shalt Nots, but the difference in personal responsibility is huge. Try the older version Complete acceptance includes recognising and accepting ones own nonacceptance. Ask yourself What am I doing or not doing that enables the other person to be this way Simply treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Above Rich Mr. Thin shows aloof disdain for the poor Scruffy family. They think hes an arrogant prig. Above Angry Mr. Fussy shows his deep sense of gratitude for yet another beautifully served dinner. Above Crass Mr. Deville shows his unusual sensitivity to animal welfare on his way back from the park. Above Idle Mr. Serfcrusher projects his own laziness on to honest Bob, who had just finished a hard days labor.
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