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Mind Tricks

20 21 tuninG tricks empathy and bodysnatching A great life trick in all ages has been the art of seeing things from another persons perspective. Diplomats need this skill and people that cant do it tend to be short on friends. Empathy is one of the most important elements of psychological health. Many people start empathising by thinking If I were that person, how would I be feeling, what would I be thinking, but the skill can be developed much further. In body matching, a person quietly copies the word and gesture patterns of someone else, following their precise body postures and motions until the movements feel easy. Once inside the other persons skin, so to speak, feelings and even thoughts will arise that can be uncannily accurate. Similarly, Buddhist and Hindu statues were designed as body mod els, objects of contemplation for living a life congruent to an ideal. In fact, congruence can be learned. Think of a few things you love and, taking each in turn, say I love this and notice where in your body you feel a response. This is your congruence signal. Saying the same about things you dislike will reveal your incongruence signal. Using these signals can enhance your intuition. The ancient Greek doctrine of the humors took this further, identifying each organ with an emotion the gall bladder with envy, the liver with courage or cowardice, the guts with instinctive feelings, and so on. In the same way, there are different qualities of mental activity reasoning, imagining, believing, meditating and wanting. A good empath, like the Oracle at Delphi, feels these differences, and can effectively mindread. Practice the tricks youve already learned and this skill will develop naturally. Above In the same way that matter bends spacetime, different consciousnesses act as centres of gravity, attracting one another. Imagine you can space travel from your planet to another and look out through someone elses eyes. Above Ptollie likes the look of Cleo. He looks into her eyes to see how she sees him. Then he looks inside that him to see the her that that him sees. Then he looks inside that her to see the him that that her sees. And so on, until ... Above Body matching. Nephi copies Akhes strange walk, a few more adjustments left to master. Above Tuning in. Good music requires musicians be in tune. Empathise to make good vibrations.
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