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Mind Tricks

18 19 hittinG the tarGet secrets of success tricks If you want to get really good at something, start young. Mozart was composing and performing short pieces of music from the age of five. Learning from mistakes also refines performanceEdison famously tried over 10,000 ways to make a light bulb before succeeding. If you cant start young then practice makes perfect. Having a great rival can also be motivating often a younger sibling becomes the greater player as an adult. During practice, an exciting trick is to set harder targets opposite top. Underpinning success in all martial arts, sports and leadership is stillness of mind. In the ancient martial art of Jujitsu, the first to act usually loses, so both combatants wait. Top baseball hitters and goal kickers make themselves calm and still before striking. Patterned gestures, or anchors below, can assist with this. Success also lies in simplifying what you are doing, in even the smallest things lower opposite. Peak performance appears and feels effortless, so if something is hard work then try varying it slightly, one thing at a time, until it feels easier. Many top performers also mimick themselves, copying the emotional state of excellence from their specialty into other life areas. Try it for yourself When struggling, get clear on what you want, why and how to get it, specifically. Do something massive that means you cannot turn back, like Julius Caesar crossing the Rubicon. Above By standing still, jumping, or sliding just before catching, Fido simplifies his body movement at the critical moment. Head and eye compensations for variable leg movements are reduced to zero. Moving faster than the ball slows his sense of time, allowing him to make finely tuned adjustments. Above Archery practice. Instead of aiming for the straw target, Robin shoots at a narrow post, a peeled willow wand, narrowing his focus. In medieval England, laying the body into the bow required a young and flexible body and football was outlawed from 1314 to promote compulsory archery practice. The French paid dearly at Agincourt Left Anchors. Widely used by sports and media professionals, these tricks instantly change your emotional state so you perform how you want to in the moment. To set up an anchor, first choose the state you wish to embody, then recall three different occasions when you had this desired state. In turn, visualise, feel and hear each occasion. As the feeling starts to peak, make a unique gesture e.g., clasp your hands, touch a fingertip, or flare your nostrils. Do this three times for each occasion, using the same gesture. Repeat every day for a while. Trigger the gesture in a circumstance where it is desired.
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