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Mind Tricks

16 17 creatiVe freeDOm tricks to get the juices flowing Creativity is an enigmatic commodity. In ancient times people appealed to the Muses for inspiration. Scholars would get their heart beating, pacing up and down while speaking to a slave. Charles Dickens took long brisk walks. Relaxing helps tooArchimedes famously discovered the law of displacement in his bath. Random changes of mood like laughter, music, conversation, or location can also get original playful ideas flowering. Explore a lane, climb a hill, drink with friends, or have a snooze under a tree. Fear of mistakes destroys creative freedom so be like a child, walking along a wall without knowing it is dangerous. Try being creative with your entire life. Ask yourself what you want to achieve in life, what you would like to have done by the end of it, or what you would like to be remembered for. Work out the key things that are necessary for your total satisfaction and decide which of them you have too much of and which need more attention. Explore your values and ask yourself how happy you are with their manifestation in your work and home. Imagine what your most creative friend might come up with. Another great trick to break open your thinking is to ask What if Many limitations on thinking are culturally or selfimposed. For example, you may like bicycling but dont go often. Ask Why to discover that you get tired going up hills. But What if it wasnt tiring What if there were no hills The solution move to a new flatter area, or invent the powerassisted bicycle. Creativity works best when you are cheerful, so if you are not feeling great write a list of ten reasons why your life is fantastic. Above A Releasing Spell, useful for getting rid of blocks of all kinds. This particular example is derived from the Pentateuch first five books of the Torah, which contains prayer forms designed to release projections on other people. With hand on heart and with full intention, release all other people from your perceptions of them. Above The Disney Technique. Placing different aspects of a project, Planner, Creative and Critic, in different locations allows each their own thinking space. Start in one role, find out what you know there, name it, then totally change spaces, and so on. It can also help to use different physical locations, and even to change clothes to suit the roles. I release you from being not like me. I release you from not being like me. I release you from my release. I request you to release me from being not like you. I request you to release me from not being like you. I release you from this request. Turn away. I release y ou from be ing like m e. I release y ou from n ot being no t like me. I release y ou from th is release. I request y ou to relea se me from being like you. I request y ou to relea se me from not being not l ike you. I release y ou from th is request. Turn awa y. PLANNER CREATIVE CRITIC
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