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Mind Tricks

12 13 reframinG tricks to see things in other ways One of the oldest mind tricks, and still one of the best, involves changing the point of view to shift the perception of a situation. For example, the parable of the prodigal son reframes common fairness as unconditional love, and fairy tales or scientific breakthroughs often reframe family or social patterns in such a way that they can be overcome top row opposite. Humor is also fundamentally based upon reframing, satire upon exaggeration, using changed contexts middle row opposite and counterexamples bottom row opposite to make the target ridiculous. Salespeople use this trick, e.g., saying picture yourself in these, the envy of all reframing clothes in envy, or asking questions that are framed to force certain responses. Caesar shifts frames to one in which his policy seems good and fair. Many heads are better than one, and many perspectives can aid clarity on complex projects. Dilts Neurological Levels are six modern perspectives useful for gaining a complete understanding of a system Purpose why, Identity what, Beliefs assume, Capabilities skill, Behaviors how and Environment wherewhen. With Edward De Bonos thinking hats below, a group rotates through roles together Facts and Figures, Instinctive Reaction, Critic, Optimist, Creator, Overview covering perspectives while avoiding contradictory dynamics. Good ideas, for example, are often killed at birth when creatives and critics coincide. Try wearing some other hats Above After four days of trekking, Monsieur Montgolfier becomes anxious as he cannot see the woods for the trees. Above Taking to the air in his brothers balloon, he rejoices as suddenly everything becomes clear. Above Laurence, crawling through the desert sand, is so thirsty he would drink dirty dishwater. Above Bertie is so horrified that his pristine pool has been defiled by a bug that he cant touch the water. Above All dogs are uncontrollable gluttons, exclaims Princess Gonerille, waving her arms in horror. Above Prince Henry exercises total self control, and so does his dog, disproving the Princesss claim.
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