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Mind Tricks

10 11 speak frienD anD enter language spells and the doors they open Doors open to friendly faces and words, so it pays to speak the language of the gatekeeper. As there are visual thinkers I see what you mean, auditory communicators sounds right and people who are more feelingsbased in touch, good speechwriters will use all the senses to connect with the most people they can. Matching an audiences metaphors is a trick so powerful that it can unwittingly have its downside Dont look back, for instance, contains the hidden command that eventually causes poor Orpheus to lose Eurydice. Look straight ahead works better. To maximise the power of language trickery use extra clean questions see opposite, that minimally intrude your own words on the reality of the other person. As in hypnosis, this enables them to give full expression to their own thoughts in their own terms, solving things for themselves. Try and keep a silent mind and emotional stillness, remaining unattached to the answers. If someone is not feeling heard, then give them their words back, perfectly repeated, or give lots of affirming umhums, yeps and oks as they talk. If you want to interrupt, take a deep breath and count to tenthis works anytime something rash might otherwise emerge Another trick to get great results with your speech is to use your whole body to send your message, from stomach to nose. Good orators separate their words, round off their edges see below and time the interval between key points to fit the thinking cycle of their audience lower opposite. the golden section in the pentagram Left Using clean questions to unravel a problem held in the body. Clean questions contain no references to anything that might intrude. Some examples to discover sources And where could that have come from And what kind of you were you before you became thisthat you And what happens just before Ontological clean questions And what do you know about that And what does that know And how old could that be Creative and Contextual questions And nowthen what can happen And then what happens And is there anything else about that And is there a relationship between ... Refining and Metaphorical questions And is there anything else And thats like what And what kind of that could that be Above Sigabbar interrogates a rival Assyrian mage about the new cult of Marduk. The secret of his legendary success is not torture, but a clever trick. He carefully notices when his prisoner relaxes or stops thinking and chooses those moments to ask his next question, thus keeping the flow of thoughts running and revealing the hidden knowledge within. Practice this on your friends and enemies alike, using modern biofeedback machines. And do you have a sense of ... And whereabouts could that be And does that have a size or shape or form And what kind of edge or boundary could that have And what could be just around that And how far does that go Continue asking the above questions until you find the source. Or start outside and work inwards
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