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Mind Tricks

8 9 the stOry Of a Life metaphor tricks and drivethru symbols Metaphors from Greek metaphora are close relatives of symbols that use analogies to efficiently enrich meaning. We use them all the time mortgage meltdown, hit a snag, etc without realising just what clever tricks they can be. For example, if life is a journey a very common metaphor then why not dream up a truly epic voyage for yourself, or at least explore what might be around the corner In ancient shamanic traditions people often visualised, or recited, epics of travels through woods, wildernesses and caves to experience a meaningful journey and return with the resources and materials needed for a rich and successful life. The same trick still works today. Close your eyes and imagine yourself having an adventure, or guide a friend through one try not to impose on them any of your own words or ideasuse their own words back to them. Break through walls that have barred your way, learn to plot a course through life. In the ancient Chinese science of FengShui the metaphor is externalised and the internal arrangement of the home and even the landscape itself are all studied as symbolic metaphors, affecting the relative probabilities of certain outcomes for the person living in that arrangement. The perfect spot invokes perfect dreams and a perfect life, its journey guided by a natural balance of opposites. Metaphors are also used in highlevel mind trick manipulations of mathematical and physical equations by scientists see below. Above A world of metaphor. Quan relaxes surrounded by a balanced landscape, inner and outer, dreaming a happy life into being.
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