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Mind Tricks

6 7 What DOes it mean glyph tricks and symbolic functions Symbols are visual mind tricks that have been used for millennia and still surround us today as cleverly designed logos and signs. Early symbols on clay tablets, originally used to record grave goods in Crete and Egypt, migrated to letters to form alphabets as a standard for communicating information. For example the letter Aevolved from the sacred cow of the preEgyptian nomadic tribes below, and G and D come from stick hitstrikeknock and door respectively, so God means knock on door see Matthew 7.7. A symbol thus accesses deep cultural wisdom alongside its natural powers. Lovehearts, pentacles and crosses all have deep meanings that are intuitively grasped by the subconscious and are further enriched as the conscious mind understands them better. Symbols are widely used in mind tricks as objects of meditation or worn as talismans for healing or manifestation. The Tarot is a more complex set of symbols. Derived from ancient Egyptian sources, they represent the heros journey, similar to the twelve labors of Hercules, or the signs of the zodiac. Ensuring you understand archetypes like these can promote insight into yourself and others, so research, meditate upon, and try acting out different symbols, a useful trick if you are a writer creating characters and their journeys for a screenplay or novel. Numbers have always had strong symbolic qualities too. Two is company, three is a crowd. What is your lucky number Why Above Symbols. A sign of the times Penelope and Donald choose the Smiley for todays group meditation. They first research the earliest meanings and interpretations of the symbol. Next they pause, slow down and stop thinking, using the pause between their breaths to find their inner stillness. They then bring the symbol in to mind. Above Picking a Tarot card, like throwing runes, using the IChing, or scrying tea leaves, uses the fact that the inner world is reflected in the outer world to present consciousness with messages that may be acceptable. The spread above might indicate a destruction of the egoic mind by a selfrevelation The Tower, followed by a phase of innocent bliss The Fool, leading to the development of intuitive powers The High Priestess, and alignment to destiny The Lovers.
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