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Mind Tricks

4 5 Listen tO my VOice hypnosis, sleep and other strange states of mind Hypnos was the Greek god of sleep, and many early civilizations used the dream state for healing and personal revelation. While sleeping in a temple or grotto, the gods would visit bringing an important dream, food for the psyche that many modern psychotherapists still use today. In hypnosis, a trancelike state similar to sleep, the hypnotist replaces the gods and makes suggestions to the subject. To hypnotise someone, talk to their subconscious without their conscious mind being aware of what you are doing. Do this by adding subtle song into your speech, using embedded commands like notice your arm relaxing or dont fall asleep, building safe rapport, and creating gentle shifts in focus. Once hypnotised, people are free from their conscious minds and able to access unconscious information and expression. Contrary to the claims of stage magicians they always have complete control of themselves. Selfhypnosis is another mind trick which can be useful. A simple yoga practice involves lying down, making yourself warm and comfortable, and then successively tensing and relaxing your legs, then arms, torso, neck, head, toes, thoughts and so on, before adding an affirmation like I am simply the best Or you might want to try lucid dreaming, where you wake up inside your dream, and can then completely direct and control it. To do this trick, think of your dreams in the day time while wondering if you are dreaming at the same time. Look at your hands and say to yourself Next time I am dreaming I will look at my hands and remember I am dreaming. To do it with someone else, agree to meet them in your dreams at a certain place and time. Above Brenda is too entranced in her mind and projections. Her inner world constrains what she can perceive of the outer world. The trick is to realise that everything she perceives is only telling her about herself. Learn from your mistakes, and let others do the same. Sometimes you have to trip over the exit here a rabbit. Above Swami Satish, fresh from a fire walk where he visualised cool wet grass, overcomes his next painful exercise by focusing inside his body, rather than on his skin. Above Clitus relaxes in the Abaton dream room of an ancient Greek Asclepieion sleep temple. Cassandra mediates so the Gods can slip their message into his dreams. WARRIOR JUDGE PLEASER CRITIC LOVER JOKER CARER
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