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Mind Tricks

2 3 GettinG Out Of yOur BOx cosmologies and the worlds we all inhabit In the earliest story known to man, Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, weakened at home, makes an epic journey, exploring distant lands and confronting adversaries, both inner and outer. In the same way we all have to grow up, leave home and transcend the ego. Human beings are patternforming animals, and upbringings and lifestyles can often act as familiar prisons. There are, however, some useful mind tricks that can crack open these boxes. A start is to question the hidden and multivarious assumptions that often underlie human patterns. Learn to ask yourself what you assume to be true about yourself, the world and others, and make a point of spotting other peoples assumptions. To help with this, use the Why trick, a simple question that helps break hidden assumptions. Young children go through a phase of asking it, so try seeing the world through a childs eyes. Find something that bothers you and repeatedly ask Why of yourself until the answers get deeper. Then, when you get somewhere and want to find out how to implement this in your life try using the simple related trick of repeatedly asking yourself How Languages, like national myths or religions, are further boxes people grow up in, affecting the way the world is perceived. Learning a new language is a great mindexpanding trick, and bilingual children are known to have higher IQs. Many misunderstandings are simply caused by people having different personal mappings of words even in the same language Experience objectoriented English another way by using phrases like As you are experiencing your moving, what knowing is emerging Above Boxes In your approach to life, the universe and everything, are you mostly science, faith or philosophy biased Now imagine you are in a box with your label on it. Close your eyes and imagine who else is in there with you. What kind of things can you talk about Now imagine swapping places with someone else in another box. What are the people there like Imagine there is a box outside the boxes can you get outside that one and look back in What else is going on around you out there What other kind of labels can you play with Above Personality stereotypes can be difficult boxes to get out of. Various mind tricks have evolved over the centuries to help with this process, perhaps the best of which is the human capacity for modeling, or theatre. Dressing up as a sportingtype will not make you fit, but it will give you some insights into fitness. Acting a mathematician on stage will not make you good at math, but it might help you understand the kinds of issues that occupy mathematicians minds. Use your imagination and natural acting abilities to move between stereotypical boxes and get out of your own.
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