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Mind Tricks

This book is dedicated to children worldwide, and especially Anthony, Ellie, Freddy, Heather and Ivanmy teachers all. Immense gratitude to John Martineau for his editing and support and Matt Tweed for his illustrations. Eternal thanks and love for being in my life to Josie, Blossie, Douglas, Isy, Louisa, Al, George and Judy, Maggie, Stu, John, Judith, Pete, Matt Zepler, Chris Gilham, Peter East, Charles Baker, Ursula Scrizzi, Eileen Watkin Seymour, Clive DigbyJones and David Grove. All deference and credit to the modern masters Richard Bandler and John Grinder, Eric Berne, Carl G. Jung, Sigmund Freud, G. I. Gurdjieff, John Bolby and the many ancient Masters. Thanks to Isaac Asimov for Psychohistory and the laws of robotics. Above A swish, or replacement of one mental image with another. Here Mr. Dixit erases his negative selfimage by means of a simple neolithic device still available today and free to anyone with a vivid imagination and a spare minute or two. CONTENTS Introduction 1 Getting Out of your Box 2 Listen to my Voice 4 What does it Mean 6 The Story of a Life 8 Speak Friend and Enter 10 Reframing 12 Memory Tricks 14 Creative Freedom 16 Hitting the Target 18 Tuning Tricks 20 Nice Tricks 22 QuickFix Tricks 24 Systems Spells 26 Moving the Goalposts 28 Slipping Past the Guards 30 Flexibility Tricks 32 Going with the Flow 34 Zest Tricks 36 Mind Control 38 Releasing Spells 40 Rescaling 42 InsideOut Tricks 44 Mind over Enzyme 46 SelfDefence Tricks 48 Defence Against Dark Arts 50 The Shamans Cloak 52 Earth Magic 54 Quantum Trickery 56 Appendix Freudian Defences 58
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