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Mazes and Labyrinths

56 57 The earliest and most famous elevencoil medieval labyrinth is found on the floor of Chartres Cathedral near Paris, the same size as the huge rose window above it, positioned the same distance from the wall as the window is from the floor, and with a path length equal to the length of the cathedral. Luckily, there are a few turf versions of the pattern still left in Great Britain. One, measuring 55 feet across, is on the village green of Hilton, Cambridgeshire. Another, 50 feet wide, can be seen at Wing in Leicestershire. A famous version, Julians Bower, overlooks the spot where the rivers Trent and Humber meet near Alkborough, Humberside. Perhaps the most beautiful of all is the Mizmaze at Braemore House, near Salisbury, where the labyrinth sits deep in a clearing in sleepy woodland. There are 28 halfmoon turns and four quarterturns in the design the folded version is shown below see pages 2021. THE 11COil lAByriNTH the universal medieval maze
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