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Mazes and Labyrinths

54 55 This turf labyrinth was first cut by the Patriotic Company of Shoemakers at Kingsland near Shrewsbury in 1598 but was destroyed in 1796 to make space for a windmill. On reaching the centre the walker or runner is reported to have had to jump on to the Giants Head, a great green face cut into the central turf, with one heel in each eye. The design is an octagonal version of the medieval eleven circuit labyrinth. Eleven was the total number of heavenly spheres in the medieval cosmos. Around the seven spheres of the planets see page 36 four outer spheres were to be found the sphere of the fixed stars the stations, the sphere of the sky without stars the zodiacal signs, the sphere of the Divine Pedestal and the sphere of the Divine Throne. These four outer spheres were sometimes balanced by four inner elemental spheres Fire or Ether, Air, Water and Earth, making fifteen in all see page 32. Eleven and seven, the two most common labyrinth numbers, also relate to each other as the circumference of a circle does to its diameter, thus again relating the line and the curve, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, A twelvesided, 40 foot version of this design also once existed between the villages of Paul and Marfleet in Yorkshire. THE SHOEMAkErS rACE through the dragons coils to the green man
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