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Mazes and Labyrinths

42 43 This charming labyrinth appears in a tiny book amongst the Harley manuscripts in the British Museum. Both this and the design on page 5 are thought to be the work of Viennese designer Ignaz Haas in the late seventeenth century. As with his other one, there is again here an excellent balance between the strong linear cross motif and the curved circular and diagonal elements. Like many Roman designs, this labyrinth requires the person travelling it to complete each quarter in turn. A quarter begins with a long dash at the centre followed by a rightangled bounce all the way back out again. Following this the traveller must zigzag from the outside in, and then from the inside out again before another mad dash at the centre kicks off the next quarter. Three quarters are completed in this fashion. The fourth quarter is different. Here there is no rightangled bounce back after the initial lunge, but instead the quadrant is zigzagged out and then back in again, to the third circuit of Venus, Love and Beauty again, from where the Centre is then won. Thus three headlong runs at the central temenos are gently deflected whilst one carefully planned approach is rewarded. HArlEy MANuSCripT an unusual design
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