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Mazes and Labyrinths

40 41 In 1985 this fascinating and enigmatic labyrinth was laid in the parish church of Batheaston near Bath, a copy of a medieval labyrinth, 44 6 wide, which used to exist at the abbey of St. Bertin, SaintOmer, PasdeCalais in France. The Batheaston version measures 16 6 across see too page 24. The underlying structure is a grid of fortynine by fortynine squares. Fortynine is of course the square of seven and the magic square of seven is traditionally associated with Venus, its rows, columns and two primary diagonals adding up to 175 5x5x7. This means that the subgrid here is a Venus square of Venus squares. Below we see the medieval Venus square shown with its odd and even numbers oppositely shaded to reveal a pattern we shall see again on page 58. This design hides many other number games and secrets. BATHEASTON seven by seven seven by sevens
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