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Mazes and Labyrinths

34 35 The only square labyrinth to have survived from antiquity is the ninecircuit Miz Maze on St. Catherines Hill, overlooking Winchester. Just under ninety feet wide it has a cut pathway, as opposed to the pathway being the raised dragonsback of turf itself, the cuts separating the coils. St. Catherines Hill was fortified in the Iron Age, remained sacred throughout Roman times and was still the associated Holy Hill of the town in the twelfth century. St. Catherine, like St. Michael and St. George is associated with dragonslaying, and her shrines are often on low hills beside a sacred spring. A small chapel once stood near the Miz Maze. Beside St. Catherines Hill lies Twyford Down on which the Kings of Wessex were crowned and where the dongas, an 8000 yearold system of huge ancient traders trackways used to meet. Twyford Down was unforgiveably destroyed for a motorway but the roadprotest movement which was born there and within the nine coils of the Mizmaze remains a significant thorn in the planettrashing tyre of the developer to this day. The ancient caskets of three kings were found while the cutting was being bulldozed. The skeletons were between eight and nine feet tall. Winchester College, which broke its solemn word never to sell the Down for development, might yet need its spirit trap. THE Miz MAzE nine coils on St. Catherines Hill
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