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Mazes and Labyrinths

32 33 This labyrinth, at Somerton in Oxfordshire, is the only fifteen coil classical labyrinth in the British Isles. Roughly sixty feet across, it sits in the grounds of Troy Farm beside the ancient Portway track. The route takes the walker straight to the central cross and then requires the completion of the seven outer coils before the crossing is reached again. The seven inner coils are then walked before the aspirant can reach the sanctuary. The geometry of this shape, and indeed that of all similar labyrinths, is strangely close to that of the common typeB flattened stone circle, 5000yeard old examples of which litter ancient Britain. There are also enigmatic connections between this shape and the annual changing rising and setting positions of the Sun, Moon and planets from any given location. Like the heavenly bodies, the turnings come half the time in the north the sun in summer and full moon in winter, the other half the time in the south the winter sun and summer full moon. There are fifteen circuits here, possibly reflecting the complete fifteen sphere system of medieval cosmology. These were, starting at the centre, the four elemental spheres, then the seven planetary spheres, and finally the four highest heavenly spheres see page 54 if youre keen. TrOy TOwN fifteen spheres at Somerton
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