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Mazes and Labyrinths

14 15 The maze at Chatsworth House was planted in 1962 to an earlier design and stands on the site of the earlier Great Stove glasshouse. Like all good mazes and labyrinths it is at once a magical, subtle and beautiful place, somehow set apart for lovers of the mysteries. This particular design possesses four framed entrances and a small, sweet, central enclosure. Unusually, the route can be wrongly taken even almost before starting. Of the four possible entrances into the circular maze from the rectangular surround, only one will prove fruitful. This is a feature unique to Chatsworth and wisely reminds the walker of the fact that the right road may need to be chosen from the very start if the preferred destination is to be gained. The design seems to square the circle but is actually rectangular in plan, measuring an overall 35 by 41 yards. Of the five circular paths in the design, only four of them are complete, the fifth being interrupted by the linear perimeter. This may or may not allude to the now you see it, now you dont quality of the secret western fifth element of ether which was often set apart from the other four elements of fire, earth, air and water, themselves generally either arranged in a cross with the ether placed centrally, or outwards in concentric circles the medieval sublunary spheres with the ether outside, as here. CHATSwOrTH HOuSE five by six
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