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Lipsmacking Backpacking

52 53 Im a pudding maniac. Cant get enough. One of the highlights for me of going travelling is to taste locally produced, fresh, fresh fruit White Italian peaches, Kenyan mango, Chinese pears, Mexican oranges. It is pretty hard to beat fresh fruit, eaten as it is, with the juice dribbling down your chin. This will be rather a short section if I just said peel banana, eat banana The classic variation is to mix the fruit up into a fruit salad if you want with some passion fruit and lemon juice sprinkled over the top. Its simple, and always tastes delicious. The other thing you can try is adding something to the fruit. The simplest thing is to caramelise it. Do this by sprinkling the cooked fruit with sugar its best with dark brown sugar but you can use whatever is to hand and then put some hot metal maybe lift up the grate and use that, alternatively use a heated knife onto it to caramelise the sugar. The next way is to give it a kick. Heat up some alcohol not too hot though, as it evaporates at 80 degrees pour it over your fruit. Carefully ignite the alcohol too if you fancy. Or give the fruit a glaze pour honey and flaked nuts over the fresh or cooked fruit Or you can make a sauce. A good thing to try is a butter. This means youll need some butter or margarine. Melt it and add things to give it flavour say ginger, sugar and some alcohol. You could change the ginger for herbs or spices if you have them. Some of this butter can be put on the food just before you cook it, the rest can be dribbled over when its done. Less buttery and a bit thicker are sauces that use milk as the base. This can be heated up gently and sugar again, brown is best can be added. Only use a little bit of milk as it will take quite a lot of sugar. The brown sugar will turn the milk into butterscotch. Dont let it boil though, pour it from the pot over your fruit. More sugary is just to put some sugar into your pot and, over a gentle heat let it turn to liquid. When it become thick and syrupy add a big knob of butter and take it off the heat. The butter will melt as you stir it in. You can add alcohol or fruit juice too if you like. You can also put some citrus zest into the mixture. You can put fruit straight onto the grate, or you can skewer it to make a kebab. Try everything. For example, take a pineapple and cut it in half lengthways and take out the core. Cook it on the flesh side first, for a minute or so, then turn it over and cook it for another four or five minutes. Either eat it like that or put something else in the middle. Very soft fruits can turn into mush so avoid this by, for example keep bananas in their skins and cook for 7 or 8 minutes turning occasionally. Dont be surprised when the skin goes brownish black, thats supposed to happen
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