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Lipsmacking Backpacking

50 51 Soft fruit, Soft vegetables, Citrus, Salt and pepper Cut your soft vegetables like mushrooms or tomatoes into manageable pieces and do the same for the soft fruit melon, papaya etc. Squeeze a bit of lemon juice over the top and season to taste. Vegetables, Fruit, Root, Meatfish, Salt and pepper Chop up the vegetables and fruit as you want. Add some boiled root to which you have added salt and pepper and then meat or fish. Add mustard or any dressing that you can come up with. Season to taste. Herbs and spices are also a really useful secret weapon for backpackers when faced with limited ingredients. A few pinches of this or that any can drastically alter the taste of your meal. I once only had access to cabbage, onion, and tomato for more or less two months no, I wasnt in prison. It wasnt the highest point of my culinary career, but with a store cupboard of curry powder, pepper, dried chillies, and fennel seeds, I managed to get quite a lot of variety out of just three ingredients. Store herbs as airtight as possible, plus out of the sun and away from the heat. They should easily keep for the duration of your trip. When cooking, the rule for fresh herbs is the tougher they are, the earlier they go in your pot. The spectrum ranges from woody things like rosemary which can be added right at the start, to basil or parsley, which should be added right at the end, or else they will just dissolve and wilt away. Dried herbs are much more hardy. You can add them to the food from the very beginning, or, if youre feeling haut or simply because youre not keen on picking bits of herbs out of your gums, you can make a bouquet garni put some herbs onto a clean, small cloth, say the size of a hanky, and then tie it up tightly at the top. You can then drop this straight into your stew, sauce, meat or whatever and youre all set to infuse. Using spice Whole spices that are seeds, like cardamon, can be toasted before using to bring out the flavour. Its easy, just pop them in a pot, without oil, stir them all around for a few minutes until you catch the whiff of spice and then theyre ready to add. Ground spice is strong, so you dont need much at all to deliver a big result. You can add it early on in the cooking process, or you can sprinkle it directly on the food at the end say banana with a cinnamon dusting
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